Friday, November 12, 2010

Was that sunshine I saw?!

(Left) Meet a couple of the B&B Newbies... Handsome brother Scamp (dark tabby) and adorable sister Polly (muted torbi) arrived this week. I was excepting little Scamp to be a bit skiddish, but haven't seen any sign of that yet. Both little ones have adjusted quickly to their new surroundings and are getting on just fine with their feline piers.... They will be staying a few weeks... I look forward to getting to know them both better.

(Left) Yes, Alley (dark tabby) and her sister Naomi (dark tabby, below) are back again.. this time for quite an extended holiday. They only arrived this week too. As you can see, they are settled right in to their home away from home.... They both wish their mom many happy, exciting adventures.... You will see much more of these 2 gorgeous girls in the coming weeks....

(Left) Well, Well... Who do we have here?! Could it be our charming, playful Suzie (tortoise shell)? This crazy little girl is having a great time with Eugene, Lillie and Sweetie, just to name a few of her buddies.. They are usually found up in the airplane or space ship, never that far apart.... Suzie sends out a big East Coast Hello to her mom... Hope you're havin' fun too!

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