Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lets see... we're still expecting a few more friends....

(Left) Meet two of the B&B's newbies... Gorgeous girls, Storm (white/dark tabby) and her sister Alley (black/tortoise shell) had a short stay with us this week. Storm, as you can tell, is a big, cuddly marshmallow.... her sister Alley is a bit more reserved but does like her neck scratches, just the same. They both did great on their first visit.

(Left) When I first saw this cute picture of Eugene (orange tabby) I automatically wanted to start singing 'I feel good... I knew that I would now..... I feeeelll goood....' Nothing quite like a big stretch after a long sound nap, eh Geniebeans!? This little lad is real happy to meet Sweetie for the first time... Let the party begin....

(Left) Yah! I finally got a pic of Banjo (grey/white tabby) before he 'exited left'... as he always does... once he sees the camera come out... He sends out a big Hi to his mom... Hope you're enjoying the sunshine.... We're getting snow on Saturday! Ah, it's not so bad. This place is always toasty warm.... and there's plenty of entertainment here, too!

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