Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hello! Anyone Home?!

(Left) Our little charmer Eugene (orange tabby) is always on the go... things to do, people to meet... friends to pop-in on.... Little Sweetie (Siberian) knew that he had a visitor... but wasn't sure it he wanted to go out and play.... just yet...

(Left) I guess Sweetie had other things in mind.... like, perhaps, popping in on adorable little girl Smokey (white/grey).... or maybe he just wanted to observe Smokey's playfulness for a while.... At this point, she's not even aware that he's there. She's too busy hammin' it up for me and the camera.....

(Left) Still, Smokey is oblivious to her handsome big admirer, below.

(Left) I guess Sweetie decided that she just looked too darn cute... he had to introduce himself... That's when Smokey realized that she had an audience.... Oh Sweetnes... you just love to play with everyone, big fella! But, remember when Eugene popped in on you?!

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