Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who wants to do the chores? Any volunteers?

(Left) So, as the morning setup usually goes... I like to get the sink filled with soapy water to do the morning dishes.... This, today, was done before I doled out the morning's wet food... How nice to have help with the dishes.... My handsome little EugenieBean (orange tabby) offered to help out... in exchange for getting to clean all of the mornings spoons as they exit the wet food tins.... Tammy (calico) was content to wait patiently for me to prepare her bowl. Now, if I could just teach them to sweep!

(Left) My charmer Lucky (black/white) is always a hamm for the camera. This time, he demonstrates his nail sharpening techniques, on the edges of the wooden planks. He is such a character! We always have fun together...He sends a big Salut! to his mom.... A bientot!

(Left) This handsome little Mimi (orange/white tabby) is scheduled to return home later today. He had a good time exploring all about. Most afternoons, he's settled onto one of the 3 catsized beds, on the loft. Lucky and Dimitri are usually occupying the other 2... They have always been one of Mimi's favorite spaces.

(Left) Gorgeous little girl Lillie (Bengal) is seen here in full camouflage mode... hiding in the leaves... If it weren't for the metal chair, this would all seem very convincing... I'd love to witness her running and climbing through a grove of trees... I'll bet she'd be quite impressive.

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