Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tues November 16th... and all is well...

(Left) There's my gorgeous girl Calliekins (calico) again. Yes, she was here not that long ago and has returned for another brief holiday. She will be returning home later this week. Always great to see you Calllie.

(Left) Check out the expressive big eyes on my handsome old friend Gizmo (grey/white tabby) here. He and brother Simba are visiting all of their buddies for another autumn holiday. Many of my current guests will be staying on for a good long while.

(Left) Suzie (tortoise shell) and Sweetie (Siberian) just returned home this week. As I mentioned earler, these two are often found in close proximity and usually up in the airplane. That's our adorable girl Naomi (dark tabby) to the back of the picture, sitting on the stairs.

(Left) You've heard of a hand stand... this, is a Lillie (Bengal) stand.... You find Lillie in one of these poses often, throughout the day... Standing, to take a better or closer look... Little gorgeous activity girl here goes home this week.... I look forward to seeing all of my little friends next time.... Au Revoir!

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