Monday, October 19, 2009

Big, little, shy and not......

(Left) Smokey (grey/white) visited me once again. I remember what a tiny little fluff ball she was, the first time she came to the Pet B&B. She used to be so shy. These days, she's all growed up.... and loves attention and neck scratches. It was fun to see her again.

(Left) Buttons (grey/white with button nose) is in for her first time. She's a big marshmallow and loves to hang out with the other cats. The rainbow is one of her favorite sleeping/viewing spots so far. She's making lots of new friends this week.

(Left) Churchill (black/white) is back again with his brother Burt.... and, he's shaking things up, like Churchill loves to do when he's in.... He's still quite a little guy but that personality and confidence, just keep stretching the boundaries of his physical size. He's keeping everyone else in shape this week! and, his brother Burt, is happy to have a little help in being Churchill's full time play partner.

(Left) Our handsome Romeo (dark tabby) is visiting again with his sister Catou and mother Maman. As per usual, his favorite hang out is under the kitchen counters, in the cupboards. He's such a gentle little boy and can be very schmoozie.

(Left) Rocky (black) was in last week with his brother Murphy. Rocky is getting a bit older and isn't as active as he once was. He tended to hang out in the back 'hay bails', well out of the way of the goings-on, in the busy group areas.

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