Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So many kitties going home today... almost as many coming in!

(Left) This picture was just taken on the weekend, but it's a dead ringer for a few of the pictures that I took this past summer, when Lefty (black) and Maggie (black/white) ended up vacationing with us, at the same time. They both managed to hook up again. They had much fun together a few months ago.... They met on the plane again, naturally!

(Left) Our gorgeous little Chloe (dark tabby/white) is back for her second visit. She was hammin' it up for the camera on Sunday. She has adjusted real well and is fitting right in. She spends a lot of her day on the back bunk beds.... She is one chatty girl..... It's hard to get a picture of her with her mouth closed.... no, really! She loves to talk!

(Left) From Chloe to Cleo.... Cleo (dark tabby) has been visiting the Pet B&B almost from the start.... at least 7 years, I'm guessing.... She is a gorgeous, fit, independant big girl. She likes to hang out in the big red phone booths... if you look closely at the picture, you will see that she has lined herself up quite nicely, to view BigBird1, from her little wall opening.... Here's another cat with a plan!

(Left) Tiggy2 (calico/white) has visited us many times in her young life, already. She's a playful, curious and busy little girl. She had fun playing with Miloshka and Lucky, this weekend. Here, she thought she'd see what that colorful tunnel was all about.... She doesn't miss much..... and she loves to stop by and visit with BigBird2 from time-to-time.

(Left) This handsome big orange tabby is named Alfred.... He is a bit shy with people but is fine with the other cats. It's his first visit with us. He likes to position himself comfortably, in the big red phone booth to the right of BigBird1. Cleo, above, hangs out in the phone booth on the left.... Two very different kitties..... same big ambitions!

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