Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Adorable Ottawa Cats, for your viewing pleasure!

(Left) Little Miss Alberta (black) looks quite relaxed, all sprawled out on the floor, under the taxi cab. Alberta was just visiting again with her little sister NewK. This cutie is an adult, but most people think that she's a kitten, when they see the size of her.

(Left) Our adorable NewK (white/dark tabby) sat very pretty for the camera a few days ago. She had fun with Buttons and little Churchill, chasing each other around. She's slowing down a bit, now that she's getting past kitten-hood but, she's still a very active little one.

(Left) Yes, we had Lefty (black) in again this past week, with his brother Frankie. That's our crazy little boy Churchill, on the top of the townhouse roofs, in the background. The adorable little dark tabby, to the right, is our dear friend Tess. She had fun with Churchill too.

(Left) It's not often that you get a clear picture of Romeo (dark tabby), out of the kitchen cupboards, and not scurrying off somewhere. It was a bit of a trick to get this picture. Each time that I bent, to snap the pic, he'd come straight for me, looking for a neck scratch.... needless to say, I have many blurred and back end/tail pics of him, snapped after he got to close to me. With persistence, comes triumph!

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