Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cuteness, everywhere you look!

(Left) Hi Mally! I see you! This little cutie was observing some of her crazy young friends, Kenji, Monk, Jasper, Odo & Miloshka running about the entire room. There were more male cats in this weekend than female, on both floors. Our girl Mally is happy to watch, incognito, from behind the airplane curtains...

(Left) Who else could it be up in that there tree!?! You're right... It's Churchill (black/white) again. He was having great fun with Buttons (grey/white), pictured below. They were chasing each other through the tunnels in my carpeted 'tree forest'.... I'm glad that they are enjoying it for now... it is scheduled to be mowed down! I'm taking Chief's recommendation and planning to build them a series of bridges, in it's place... Will they call it progress!? or Deforestation!? Change is Good!

(Left) You have all heard about the infamous 'Balloon Boy' in the US.... but, have you heard about the little black Balloon Kitty at the Pet B&B? Our little friend Monk (black) was being very cute this past weekend... hanging about in one of my hot air balloons.... Is he scared.... hiding... just snoozin'... or, just too cute?!

(Left) My little Ododo Bean (black/white) had an absolute blast this week with his many playful playmates. This is another one of those cuties that likes to pose for the camera.

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