Friday, October 30, 2009

Whoa! Hold up! This week has just gone way too fast!

(Left) My little Burtie Beans (dark tabby) is quite an athlete, much like his little brother Churchill, not unlike their mom & dad. These boys both love people, but I'd have to say that Burt enjoys humans more. They send a big Hello to their folks overseas...

(Left) Brothers Monk (black, left) and Kenji (Siamese), hung out with Blackie, the black Burmese. They were all taking a bit of a break. If you're still on the floor, it means you are still willing to play with the others.

(Left) Odo, my little black & white ham, loves to roll around, upside down, in the mini tunnels. Ok. In all honesty, Odo loves to run, jump, climb, play with all of his friends and follow the new cats around, until they'll play with him.

(Left) Mally (dark tabby) heads up the front of the airplane and gives me one of her looks. She is having great fun with Odo & Suzie this week. I think this is a really good picture of her. 'Ok. Just take it already. This one is for the baby. Make it good!'

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