Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More adorable Ottawa Cats, Anyone!?

(Left) Frankie (black/white) loves to flash his 'Life is Good!' pose.... He's such a cutie. He visited us this past weekend with his brother Lefty.... We'll see both boys back in again, real soon. The big orange and white cutie, behind the french doors, is our friend Paco again.... still lovin' that tractor!

(Left) Our gorgeous big girl Jesse (tortoise shell), goes for a nice big scratching, on the airplane's leg.... I'm thinking it's about time that I recarpeted all of those posts.... they have been very well used and enjoyed, this past summer... it's all good.... Mel's reno mode is kicking in, now that the long weekend has passed. These guys love to watch me build....

(Left) This handsome black & white, is the brother of Jesse, above. Waldo is an absolute charmer.... He loves his cat beds, up on the loft.... I always say that he turns into a big kitten when he arrives.... He loves to run, jump through the air and give all of the structures a good scratchin', even more than Jesse does.

(Left) What are sunfilled mornings for?? Mia (calico) stretches herself out, in one of the open-top train cars, right in line with all of those brilliant sun beams.... When the sun stops shining, she'll move down a floor, to a more enclosed, cozy train car. She is quite the adorable, playful cat too!

(Left) My little ZarZar Bean.... isn't she precious?! Zaria (white) is a fit, compact, lovable little girl.... Her favorite pass times include being adorable, being charming and being a little white ham! Seriously though, she is quite the climber. She must have a ball outside at the cottage!

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