Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lots of black cats this past week... Halloween's Coming!

(Left) This gorgeous little girl is named Nikki (dark tabby/white). It is her second visit to the Pet B&B. She is a bit shy compared to many of the other kitties that stayed for the weekend. She had fun watching the craziness, from her high up yellow pillow.

(Left) Yes, Alberta. You are still too cute! This very funny little girl loves to climb my double french doors, when people are in the entry, so that she can be at their eye level..... 'Just in case they can't see me'....

(Left) This is a typical Jasper (black) pose.... either on his way to go somewhere... or, just back. He descended the spaceship ramps, and had his attention drawn across the room, to Monk and Odo, racing each other into the airplane. It didn't take him long to join the race!

(Left) It's a bit difficult to make out the dark tabby/white cat... That little white tummy belongs to Jak. Our handsome big black & white kitty is Waldo. Jak was all about play that morning... Waldo was ready for a morning nap. These two have met on many previous occasions.

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