Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Ottawa Cat GobbleGobble pics!

(Left) Here are a few more of our Thanksgiving Kitties.... Our handsome orange & white tabby is called Mimi. He's an energetic little guy. He had a lot of fun with his old buddies.

(Left) This cute little grey & white kitty is named Clint. He is the brother of Matilda, from earlier this week. He did very well on his first visit. I'm interested to talk to him to see if he has any information about the seizures that he gets. Some of these cats have incredible knowledge about their own health, and ours.

(Left) Menou (calico) is a long time Pet B&B guest. She has, from her early days, years ago, decided that the kitchen cabinets are her favorite 'safe' spot. She usually chooses the same cabinet too. Who said that animals don't have memories?

(Left) My little Xena Bean (black & white) also has her favorite pillow. Xena is the sister of Aries. They have both been visiting me, almost from my start. We usually see them twice a year. They joined us for Thanksgiving this year too. It's always a pleasure to see them again.

(Left) Thor (orange tabby) is a big boy that many regular readers will recognize. He's one of my diabetic friends and gets insulin shots twice a day. He too, has his favorite relaxing places. Once in a while, his brother visits us too. I've had so many cats in lately/currently, that have medical conditions/medications.

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