Sunday, October 25, 2009

Penny looking for her 'Forever Home'

Penny is a young, pretty, domestic medium haired female calico. She became lost or abandoned in the summer of 2008, and was seen scrounging for food. People fed her but could not take her in. The people feeding her went away for Christmas and, upon their return, the little cat came running up for her food. She clearly did not like the ice, snow or cold and wanted to be indoors.

These people provided her with shelter from the wind and elements but could not take her in, out of the cold. Local shelters were full and told them that all they could do was euthanize her. By February, she was visibly pregnant and the people again began to phone for help. A local sanctuary contacted Cat Rescue network and we were able to take her in. A few days later Penny had 7 kittens. She was very happy and grateful to be indoors. Penny is an affectionate cat and was a good mother. She even readily adopted two orphaned kittens and saved them. This little survivor deserves a very good home with people who will take good care of her and love her forever.
If you are interested in adopting our little Penny, or any other cats, please call the Cat Rescue Network, Ottawa, ON at (613)820-7088 or by email at

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