Monday, October 26, 2009

Is it really the 26th already?!

(Left) As I write this, I have our handsome little Typhoon (grey Burmese), curled up on my lap. The cats are loving the fact that I leave my laptop in the group areas and do my blogging there, when it's not busy. Leave it to a cuddly Burmese to find a warm lap.

(Left) Blackie (black Burmese) is the brother of Typhoon, above. Blackie loves attention, but to date, hasn't been much of a lap cat. He is a bit more independant than his brother. Both boys are gentle and handsome.

(Left) I took our little Alfred (orange tabby) home last week. He is not an easy cat to catch, at the best of times. After making a few attempts at capturing him, with no success, I managed to corner him in one of my townhouses. He still wasn't interested to cooperate. So, I quieted myself right down and sent him a picture of him walking into the carrier, me putting it into the car and then I showed him a picture of his home and his mother. I held the carrier open in front of him, and he walked right in. Some cats are very visual... luckily for me, Alfred is one of them.

(Left) Spencer (orange tabby) can be such a reserved, shy little guy sometimes and, other times, he's such a schmooze! He and his brother Javert just went home a few days ago. We look forward to seeing them again, in a few weeks.

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