Thursday, October 29, 2009

If you live in the River Rd/Hunt Club part of town.....Help Requested!

I ran into one of my regular customers last week and was told that Woodie, their grey cat, was gone. He didn't know what had happened to her, but she hadn't come home in a couple of weeks. If anyone lives in the River Road & Hunt Club area, please keep an eye out for our gorgeous little Woodie, and contact me if you should spot her. (This was a summer picture, when she had her hair clipped short, but she is normally a medium/long haired grey and has very unusual fiery yellow/brown eyes). She's most likely to walk up to kids.

I spoke with Woodie twice in the past week. She has gotten herself lost. When I spoke with her last week, she told me that she had crossed a big, busy road, that she doesn't normally cross and is afraid to cross it again due to all of the traffic, mentioning all of the buses that go by regularly. She also seemed unsure of which direction her house was in. She gave us some co-ordinates, in so far as what landmarks she was near, but she was not located.

I spoke with her again Wed the 28th Oct. to see how/where she was. The first thing that she said was 'Alive & Well!' She now seems to be near a much quieter subdivision that has big houses and large yards. I told her to find a nice family and bug them, at their door, for food. I also told her to keep sending them the idea/thought, of them taking her to the Ottawa Humane Society or Cat Rescue Network, as I know that her dad is checking with them regularly.

If anyone spots Woodie, comes across her at any of the local shelters or sees an ad showing a Found Cat that resembles her, please contact me with the information. It would be greatly appreciated. I know that Woodie really wants to get back home to her family and I'd love to see her safely back there as well. Thank you.

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