Friday, May 28, 2010

Another beautiful August weekend in store!

(Left) It is safe to say that sleeping on 'Cow's' back, is a prime real estate for my kitties... Hmmm, I always found cow fur to be a bit bristly myself.... maybe the Pet B&B cow is special.... That must be in! Little girl Cali (calico) and her sister Missy just arrived earlier this afternoon... This little miss settled in so fast, she acts like she never left.... These 2 sisters have a brand new home waiting for them next week.... I know that Cali is gonna love going outside...

(Left) This gorgeous girl Mollie (black) arrived this morning. It is only her second visit and she's grown a lot since we saw her at Christmas. She will have a great time with Cali & baby Gizmo this weekend... then, with all of her new friends in the coming weeks. This is one playful girl!

(Left) More adorable female felines.... Mathilda (tortoise shell) was in, not that long ago. She's back to visit all of the other kitties. She's hoping that her folks are staying cool this weekend. I think that it may be warmer here than in the southern states this weekend...

(Left) My handsome boy Parker (white/orange) is expecting to return home this afternoon. We had a lot of fun with him again. He's looking forward to hearing all about is parents' big trip... and, to telling them about the Pet B&B kitty antics, that they missed. Try to look more relaxed Parker!

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