Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ottawa Cats on a sunny Tuesday....

(Left) My handsome boy Spartacat (white/orange) left yesterday. He sure had fun with all of his friends but I know that the kids were very excited to get him back home again. We will see him again before long...

(Left) Spartacat, above, really stood out in the past weeks' mix.... I have had dark tabbies and tortoise shell cats everywhere, on the first floor....Just a quick sampling... The handsome big boy to the left, is called Affe (dark tabby). To his right is his brother Picasso (dark tabby, medium hair). They are joined by their new friend, adorable Jazoo (tortoise shell). All three kitties will be visiting for a while yet. These three are very friendly & social.

(Left) Another of my gorgeous tortoise shells.... Suzie Q loves to sleep in the tractor's seat... She's such a little ham.... and so much fun. Zaria arrived this morning, so I know that these 2 girls have lots to catch up on, since they last saw each other.

(Left) My handsome little friend Sam I Am (grey/white tabby) recently had some medical issues. It's good to see that he pulled through and is getting his old appetite back...He's quite active already. I often see him stretching and climbing the carpeted tree, to the back of the photo. Sam is the brother of Jazoo, above.

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