Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cool Ottawa Cats.....Ottawa Cats staying Cool...

(Left) I've only known baby Gizmo (Cornish Rex) for a couple of weeks, but he's grown so much already.... I was telling his mom earlier this week, how his hair is starting to come in curly... it's at that awkward stage between wavy & straight.... He's made many friends in his short life so far. Little cutie!

(Left) This is Squirt's (dark tabby) pose. He will sit like this and just watch me til I come over and say Hi.. then, he'll continue to sit like this...Such a little purr machine. He injured his back leg the day before he arrived. He went home on Tuesday and his leg had healed itself nicely.

(Left) My little Ali-Beans... aka Alberta (black) was cozy on the tractor seat while one of her brothers, Sharpe (grey/white) again, watched Eins(tein) Tuesday morning, shortly after he & his brother Chief first arrived... Hmm, a new face... I don't believe that we've met!

(Left) Julius (dark tabby) is a mini version of Eins... Julius hasn't visited us in a couple of years, but hasn't changed a bit. He's still friendly, goofy & playful. He had fun with Zaria.... Who also just happens to be friendly, goofy & playful... Opposites attract?! So do Like energies... Mirror, mirror....

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