Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wow! Wednesday already....

(Left) This adorable dark tabby is named Keisha. I've known her since the Pet B&B early days. She's a bit shy with strangers but warms up real quickly when neck scratches are on offer. She went home yesterday. Her cousin Minouche goes home today. It's always great to see these two girls.

(Left) Boys, Boys, Boys! Brothers Sharpe & Wolfgang.... hard to tell which is which, from this picture.... had a great time climbing through my 'bridges'.... They enjoyed the bridges almost as much as they enjoyed meeting and playing with their new friend Ru-murr (orange tabby). Their dad is almost done constructing them their very own outdoor Cat PlayLand... These two don't need any more stimulation to encourage their antics... it's already built in.

(Left) Jasper (black) had fun racing around with baby Gizmo (Cornish Rex). Parker (orange/white) wanted to know what all the commotion was, so he came down from his favorite pillows to investigate. This is baby Gizmo's 2nd visit. Jasper and Parker have B&B'd many times already.

(Left) More grey & white kitties. This handsome bid long haired grey & white is named Ray. He visits us each summer. The little cutie, above Ray, on the bunk beds, is Sharpe again... I was telling Sharpe's dad that the boys weren't as mesmerized by BigBird1 this visit. They preferred to play in the back where they could do more climbing & wrestling... That didn't keep Sharpe from checking in once and while on BigBird though...

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