Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday May 13th.... and my internet is finally functionning again!

(Left) My regular readers will recognize my handsome friends Monk (black) and Kenji (chocolate point Siamese). Our handsome little Gizmo kitten (Cornish Rex) is a new and very interesting face at the Pet B&B.... Kenji & Monk are used to playing with BigBird2. It was all a new experience for little 'hairless' four month old Gizmo. Little Gizmo is quite the fire cracker... I took this picture of him yesterday, a couple of hours after he arrived.... Oh boy, mom & dad, you guys are gonna have to start building.... Your little guy is a climber and jumper! .... and a big cuddle suck...! What a huge personality on such a time furry body... He is Everywhere!!

(Left) Here's our gorgeous girl Gucci (Himalayan).... She is the sister of Argus... As I mentioned yesterday, she is a gentle, delicate and sensitive little one. I found that she needed a lot of one-on-one attention, so I take her out of the group part of the day to give her a lot of brushing and neck scratches... She loves to sit beside me, in the sunlight here, while I do my paperwork. She is doing just great. Such a cutie... and fluffy!!

(Left) My handsome old friend Waldo (black/white) and his sister Jesse just went home. He loves his favorite cat bed and enjoys jumping across from here, the loft, to the airplane, and then jumps on further to the spaceship. He's a good sized boy... and likes the fact that he can make these rafter suspended play structures sway, as he flies through the air, to his intended destination... And, of course, he goes back the same way..... No point to climb down to the floor and walk across the room, only to have to climb the stairs to get onto the loft again... Verry inefficient that!

(Left) Earlier this week, I snapped Kenji (chocolate point Siamese) trying to catch Maman's (grey/white tabby) tail.... She was too busy at first, hammin' it up for the camera, to notice.... She was joined on the stair structure by Catou (white/dark tabby). She didn't particularly feel like being Kenji's 'furry wand' though... and decided to climb down, out of his arms length.... These three have met on many occasions...

(Left) This handsome big orange & white tabby is named Heflin... Seems to me that I usually snap him up, with this exact pose.... while he watches out the big sunny windows....I've said it before... This boy has the 'dreamiest' eyes going... Such a gentle charmer.....

(Left) This is a playful charmer....Jazoo (tortoise shell) also loves the top of the blue bus... They all love this big carped landing pad... as they jump down from the higher structures.... or, in the case of Zaria... as she climbs into the hot air balloon.... Jazoo and her brother Sam are with me for a while longer.... They are both doing great. Sam is getting stronger and putting on more weight, all the time... They send a big Hi to mom & dad....

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