Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hot enough for you?

(Left) My gorgeous 18 year old Minouche (black) visited again for the long weekend. She's lost a lot of her fiesti-ness as she's gotten older, but not her charm. She did just great. Her cousin Keisha also holidayed with us.

(Left) My handsome boy Spartacat (white/fawn) left this morning. He's pictured here in one of his favorite spaces, in one of his traditional 'poses'.... He looks like he's reclining on a deck chair... or, doing the back stroke.... Such a schmoozie little mister..

(Left) Schrodinger (black/white) goes home today too. I loved this picture of him.. You almost wouldn't know that he was sleeping on Mr Cow, except for the fact that Cow has little ears on his back.... He will be happy to see his folks again.. and tell them all about his Holiday.

(Left) Ru-murr (orange tabby) is as playful and gregarious as Zaria (white). These two are often part of the 'action'... They had a great time with Wolfgang, Sharpe and Julius.... Those kitties are going to sleep well tonight.....

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