Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Follow your passion.... You can't go wrong!

(Left) Here's a handsome big boy that you haven't seen before... This British short hair is named Argus (grey). He has very 'firey' looking eyes.. but, his personality is nothing short of friendly, playful and very social. He is visiting for the first time with his sister Gucci.... Argus is a lot more out going than his sister. Gucci is quite a shy, delicate and sensitive Himalayan... They are both doing just fine and send out a big Hello to their mom....

(Left) I have finally figured out the secret to getting good shots of little Romeo (dark tabby)... As you will recall, this is my little boomerang-boy... I have tried placing him in treehouses and on top of counters before, hoping that I'd have time to get a good shot before he ended up stuck to my leg again.... But..... I had never tried him in the airplane..... So far, so good!

(Left) I think he likes it.... What do you think! Some kitties were just meant to 'fly'! I guess little Romeo has found his true passion now!

(Left) Just because he's in the airplane, doesn't mean that he has stopped being a 'ham' though!

(Left) Romeo was so 'taken' with the whole airplane experience, that he didn't even realize... or care.... that little Luz (dark tabby, top) was trying to catch his tail, as it popped through the top deck opening of the airplane.... We are gonna have to get you a little pair of flying googles Romeo....!

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