Friday, May 7, 2010

So. What's on deck for this weekend Ottawa Kitties!?

(Left) This little old girl is named Bandit (black/white). She is one of my very early on guests. She's about 18 years old now. I have so many senior cats, like Bandit, and even older, that are in good health with no medications even. Bandit sends out a big Happy Mother's Day to her mom and a special 'Hi' to Zoe.

(Left) Little adorable Tutti (dark tabby) loves hanging out on the bunk beds, this holiday. The last time that she visited, she was usually found in or around the hay bails. This time, she has fun exploring all of the different bunk beds... especially the ones that put her in good line to hang out with BigBird1.

(Left) I have a few tortoise shells in right now. Jazoo, posing here on the tractor, looks quite a bit like Suzie Q, in size and personality... Jazoo has very particular markings around her eyes.... I could pick her out of a 100 tortis.... She and her brother are having fun this week, with their old friends...

(Left) MoeMoe.... you're flying that airplane by looking out the back.... Is that a good idea!! When it comes to this little guy, I don't usually question his motives... There must be a very good reason why he'd do this... He and his brother Gunther went home earlier this afternoon. I was telling his dad how Moe loves to help me fill the waterbowls each morning... He would head butt my hands.... his way of getting a neck scratch and head pat.... We had more than a few near misses over the past 3 weeks, with him doing this while the water bowls were already filled.... He knew it was risky.... but didnt' care! It was worth it!

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