Friday, June 11, 2010

Another weekend. More friends arriving...

(Left) My gorgeous girl Besha is visiting for her last time before she moves away from Ottawa. You never know, we may see her again in a few years time if her family gets posted back here one day. I'll hope for that. It has been a pleasure getting to know her over the past couple of years.

(Left) My handsome boy Balou (dark tabby/white) looks a bit like Percy, below. This big guy is a bit shy around strangers... He was being very cute sleeping inside of a hay bail earlier today... unfortunately, he didn't want his pic taken there... He looked so comfortable. I'm sure that I'll find him snoozin' there again in the coming week.

(Left) His dad made it quite clear that he expected Percy (dark tabby/white) to send email updates while he's on holiday at the B&B.... Well Dad... this pic was taken this afternoon, while I took the airplane out for a leisurely spin....It's such a wonderful feeling to be weightless as you fly through the air. Don't forget to wish Grandma a very Happy 80th Birthday from me & all of my feline friends.... Percy.

(Left) Miss Noodles (dark tabby) just went home yesterday. This adorable girl loved to play with BigBird2. She is such an easy little one to get along with. For her first visit, she did great. I didn't expect that she'd be much of a jumper.... but, I'd be busy doing something and turn around to find her on the counters, stairway wall, or up somewhere else at eye level.... She was quite curious....

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