Thursday, June 10, 2010

Play, play, play.....

(Left) Hmmm, gorgeous little dark & white tabby on the go.... Let me see... could it be my girl Catou? Bingo! This little cutie loves to explore every resting spot. These days, she spends most of her snoozin' time on the big blue pillow.... It depends it Schmellow gets there first though, otherwise she'll content herself with the big yellow pillow instead.

(Left) Another little cutie... Miss Molly (black) goes home tomorrow. She had a great holiday with all of her friends. She's a social, playful girl. She will have lots to tell her mom when she sees her again. She enjoys being up high somewhere. Right this minute, she's all curled up and sleeping on the top corner bunk bed.... It's coming up on nap time around here....

(Left) Another cute shot of Eclipse (black)... this time with out his furry friend Luz. I caught him playing with pipe cleaners, from inside of his colorful tunnel. He's such an affectionate boy. If you're not paying attention, he will jump right up into your arms or on your shoulder, if you are leaning down or forward, to pick up something.... He just likes to be close sometimes... Handsome big boy!

(Left) Mommy, mommy.... did you remember to give me those next dates for Zoe & Tessie? Maman (grey & white tabby) loves to help me with my paperwork... or computer work. She was helping me keep track of my email bookings... before I post them to my schedule... She will even offer to keep my pen handy for when I need it. She and her kids, Romeo & Catou are supposed to be going home tomorrow.... That's ok.. We'll see them again real soon!

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