Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Smiley faces everywhere I look.....

(Left) Jane returned this Monday & was soon settled into her yellow & red kitty cab.... She loves to lay in the morning sun like this and soak it all up. When you touch her, her fur is quite hot. None of that seems to bother her.

(Left) My handsome boy Balou was back in his favorite hay bails this week... he even stayed long enough for me to get a pic this time. So many dark tabbies in this week. They all have the same adorable, affectionate personalities.

(Left) Tessie Wessie just arrived yesterday and is right back 'in the saddle'.... or, should I say, 'in the pilot seat'..... Those 'beansie eyes' say it all. My gorgeous Tess loves to play around and show off her charms....

(Left) This big cutie just went home this week, but I thought this pic was too cute to pass up... Moe (black/white) isn't falling down or climbing down the stairs. He was actually sitting like this for minutes, before I observed what he was doing.... Such a funny little guy... Just getting a good stretch in and lengthening the front arms I guess.

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