Thursday, June 24, 2010

Looks like Thursday is Ladies Day at the Pet B&B

(Left) This adorable calico is a familiar sight at the Pet B&B. Bella is one of my very vocal kitties. She gravitates to the top of the airplane most days and comes down for a nibble and chat, throughout the day. She's very affectionate and sweet. She'll be spending a few weeks with us this visit.

(Left) This gorgeous girl is named Misha (dark tabby/white). She is the sister of Pinot, from yesterday. This is her 'Belly rub please' pose.... She loves her neck scratches and, so far, prefers to sleep up high on things. Her brother likes height too... but, he's often found around BigBird2's house..... Call it neighbourhood watch!

(Left) More adorable female felines.... Fez (black) is also visiting for the first time. We'll probably see much more of her as the months go on. She was displaced from her home due to a fire but she's doing great. Her grandma will be shocked to know that I can actually pet Fez already. She arrived on Monday and has been no trouble at all. She's just a bit scared sometimes, that's all.

(Left) Cajsa (black/white)! Look at you! You're getting so big! This little munchkin has returned with her brother Olaf. We saw them a few months ago when she was all of 5 or so months old. Her folks say that she's a real outdoorsy kinda girl. She was an excellent climber months ago.... It would be fun to see her in action outside, in the real trees. She's playful, fun and cuddly.... Great to see you both again.

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