Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Not even an earthquake can slow these kitties down...

Just had an email from one of my customers that was concerned about their cat that's staying with me, in regards to the earthquake.... Everyone and everything is fine here. The cats, oddly enough, didn't react much. Olaf is scheduled to arrive this afternoon. His dad called to say that he was nervous before it happened and still is.... Most of the excitement here was from the people running outside into the parking lot, and the cars shaking from side to side..... That was something to see!

(Left) This is a leftover weekend pic of Percy (dark tabby, top), Besha (ragdoll, front floor) and Tucker (persian, back floor). These 3 wouldn't have even noticed that there was an earthquake.... They make a pretty impressive rumbling on the floor, when they get playing together... especially if you are standing on the first floor... they sound like a wild herd of elephants.....

(Left) This handsome big newbie is named Pinot (dark tabby). He is visiting with his sister Misha.... They are both very sweet, gentle cats. Their folks might be surprised to hear that Misha was the more adventurous of the 2 when they first arrived. They both love their neck scratches and are integrating very nicely with all of the other cats.

(Left) There's my boy Silka (dark tabby/white) agian. He visited us this spring, after living 4 years abroad. He's doing just fine. He's a laid back, social kitty that likes being around other felines... He slept right through the earthquake.... must've been quite the dream!

(Left) More familiar handsome faces...Leo (grey) recently lost his little older sister. He is sure enjoying the company of his friends, Percy, Ginny & Pinot.... Jasper is coming back in on Friday.... Leo will be excited to see him again. They had so much fun together last time they vacationed at the same time.

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