Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One of these kitties... doesn't look like the others....

(Left) Oh, Hi Twinkletoes.... Ginny (black) was being all goofy and playful on the floor... She's not very chatty when she's B&Bing, but I know that she's a big talker when she's home. She had fun with her other black cat friends.... many of whom have been visiting us for years... This gorgeous girl is probably going home later this week. I'm sure that she will chat non-stop for her first day home.

(Left) As I write this, Eclipse (black) has appeared out of no where and landed in my lap, where he's all curled up. This handsome young boy had a ball with his regular friends Jasper, below and Miloshka, also below... He should be going home this week. He had so much fun.

(Left) Jasper (black) and Zoe (grey/black tabby) didn't waste any time in getting acquainted. Zoe arrived yesterday, from Boston. Jasper didn't give her much time to get settled.. he wanted to play right away, once he saw her trying to play with BigBird2. Jasper just went home today. Zoe is all settled in now. She remembered all of her favorite attractions shortly after she got here.

(Left) Another handsome black cat... Miloshka is a long time visitor to the Pet B&B. I snapped him this morning, all stretched out, on top of Bigbird2's house. When I first saw him, I thought that he was Jasper, because this is a typical Jasper hangout & pose.... When I took a 2nd look, I was surprised.... This is a charmer...

(Left) Waldo bunny has energy to burn... He's visiting for the first time. He's very good at entertaining himself. This is one of those bunny poses that cats don't quite know what to make of.... this, and the 'straight up in the air' jumps & landings... they often send the cats scattering, especially if the bunny does it from a dead stop, standing still.... Funny stuff... Waldo is doing great.

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