Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What are Beautiful Ottawa Summer Days for?

(Left) He's back! Kamikaze (black/white) is summer vacationing with all of his friends again this year. This boy has an interesting chirp instead of a meow.... could just be a language dialect of sorts, seeing as how he's travelled all the way here from Japan. He sends out a big Congratulations Emma! Well done !

(Left) More handsome big boys....Lionel (dark tabby) loves watching out the windows... He is often found up on top of the red phone booth or on top of BigBird1's house... both places offer him fab panoramic views of the goings on out of doors..... Such a friendly, affectionate kitty.

(Left) What a face! Lucky (black/white) spent another weekend with us and is most likely returning in a couple of weeks. He loves his cat beds, up on the loft. Sounds like he's had some outdoor swimming adventures back at home. Mr. Curiosity! He can be such a suck up! Especially with his mom.

(Left) Well, these two got the party going, and then Besha joined in.... Tucker (Persian) and Percy (dark tabby/white) have hours of fun each day, chasing each other & jumping out from behind doors and such, especially in the morning. I caught Besha joining in with them today. She's a very playful girl and can keep up with these two boys.

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