Friday, June 25, 2010

Ottawa Cats settling in for another (hopefully) sunfilled weekend.

(Left) There's my girl Ople (white) hanging out with Rufus (orange/white)..... I think you probably figured that out, without the color descriptions..... This is Snowy's daughter.... The girls send out a big Hello to Kaitlin.... Snowy was trying to help me paint yesterday afternoon though.... Any color would look great against a nice white back drop like that.... I had to put her on the small side of the group area while the paint dried.... She joined some of my other curious Georges & Georgettes over there....

(Left) There's Tigger (orange/white tabby).... He visits us every once in a while.... I snapped him up exiting the pirate boat yesterday morning.. It was drier in there than it was outside... He was happy to be indoors for that. He's a gentle, handsome big boy. He tends to be a bit shy with strangers.

(Left) Here's a little boy that isn't shy at all... He loves to be near and be a part of, the action.... If he's not, he'll talk your ear off, anyway...He's a chatty kitty. He goes home next week. He'll be looking forward to exploring his country home again. He's doing just great.

(Left) Seba (black) moves to the West Coast today. I'm glad that we got to see him again before he left. This gentle giant is gonna love being outside all year around. I have no doubt that he'll make a ton of new friends in his new home town. All the best to Seba and his family.

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