Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm guessing that lots of kitties are sleeping in this morning.

(Left) Two of my energetic guests this weekend..... Luz (dark tabby) and her admirer, Eclipse (black) had great fun racing around my whole 2nd floor each morning. Eclipse is quite the lady's man.... He had fun with gorgeous little Catou too. These two kids are roughly the same age and each has the energy to keep up with the other, when others have already called it quits....

(Left) Another Newbie.... this adorable little girl is named Miss Noodles (dark tabby)... I've take to callling her my little Noodie.... She's such a cutie.... She just had a brand new hair do... the lion cut, prior to arriving at the B&B. She loves head patts, neck scratches & of course, belly rubs... She's doing great and loves to follow me around to see what I'm doing..... and, to get more belly rubs....

(Left) Well the gang's all here. It was a very busy week & weekend. To the front of the bus is little black Alberta.... The handsome big black cat to the left is named Leftie (how fitting). That's my girl Zaria (white) again. I also have Alberta's 2 younger brothers in this shot. The little grey & white cutie that's eating, bottom right, is Wolfgang. His twin brother Sharpe is in the background, climbing down from my polka dot structure. So many playful, busy kitties.... Some went home yesterday. They should be sufficiently exhausted.... My place is the best place to burn down a cat's over abundant energy...

(Left) Bustie Bear... or Buster (orange/white tabby) just went home yesterday. He spent the last week & a bit with me and all of his old friends.... He's still having some medical issues but I'm confident that he'll bounce back to his old form.... It's always a pleasure to see this gentle big boy.

(Left) This gorgeous calico is named Bella. She's a shy little miss ... and, from the sounds of it, she's quite fast on the toes when she's outside. She had her favorite hiding spots during this visit. Sounds like she's found some real doozies outside, near her home too.... She's a sweet girl.

(Left) This handsome big boy is named Willson (black).. that's double 'L' .... to go with the multiple toes, I'm guessing.... He is the sweetest, gentlest big boy... inspite of his looming size.... The feet really are impressive, when you see him standing or walking. He's always up for a belly rub too.

(Left) Sharpe (grey/white) doesn't give up easily. Oh. So close. But So Far away!! It doesn't help that BigBird1 will swing on his swing, and climb down his post, to be nose to nose with Sharpe.... Teasing my furry friend by pecking at the plexiglass is just too cruel. Sharpe can only endure so much of this behaviour.. then, he'll usually climb up onto the bunk beds and watch my feathered wonder from there.... Maybe it's not good to look too eager!

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