Thursday, June 3, 2010

What perfect snoozin' weather...

(Left) Perfect! Thanks Romeo (dark tabby). You can release your pose now! This adorable little boy is one of his mom's 3 'Twerpo's'.... I hope I spelled that right.... Once, a rather shy, timid guy at the Pet B&B..... now, just try to grab the camera and start taking snaps... Now, he will follow me around the group areas most times and, like he did here, will offer up more cuteness... I was taking pics of Cleo, below, when I heard him tear up the scratching post beside me.... The coy little 'over the shoulder' look at me, was a nice touch.... Got it!

(Left) So, what was Romeo trying to distract me from?? Yes, Cleo (grey/white tabby) was being equally adorable, on her favorite corner bunk bed. Last summer, she favored sleeping on the top of the fridge and inside of the spaceship... She just arrived and will be staying with all of her friends for many weeks. I got her all set up with a bowl of her favorite Royal Canine food... She's good to go... I mean... to stay... She knows what I mean!

(Left) Oh, Simba (fawn/white tabby)... that spaceship walk-up ramp looks too heavy to be supporting on your head like that, big guy! Is he just showing off how strong and handsome he is... or, is he just being the hamm that he is!? That's right... He's hammin' again.... Go with your strengths.. I always say.

(Left) Another of my handsome chatty kitties... Eins(tein) (dark tabby) seems much more talkative this visit that previous ones. This is another of my 'visual' kitties.... He responds quickly when you send him visual thoughts.. His brother Chief, is the same way. The boys are doing great and don't mind being inside during all of this rainy business... Dad should be home just in time for the sunshine to return.... Yah!

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