Friday, June 18, 2010

It's gonna be a playful kinda weekend....

(Left) Suzie Q (tortoise shell) returned this week. She looks so casual about being at the B&B. This gorgeous girl has a way of always looking 'at home' and relaxed. She had a great time with Tess before Tess went home yesterday. Those 2 girls always have fun together.

(Left) More handsome dark tabbies. Sparky is a big cuddle suck. I've know him many years and he always looks forward to seeing his old friends. He loves his head butts and neck scratches.... you just have to be careful of his 'half swats' at your hand, as you try to walk away.... He's a playful big boy.

(Left) Molly (white/dark tabby) is having a terrific time with her buddies Tucker (Persian) and Percy (dark tabby/white).... don't forget about their other crazy friend Besha, the Ragdoll, below. The whole area turns in a live, moving playland, when these 4 get things rollings... Should be another fun weekend... Their playful friend Leo just arrived this afternoon.... Mamma Mia!!

(Left) We all know that BigBird2 loves to tease the kitties..... and yes, even Besha (Ragdoll) knows this.... but, it still doesn't discourage her from trying... maybe one last go at it.. before I leave Ottawa next week... She is enjoying the remainder of her stay at the Pet B&B before her family packs up and moves away.
We'll miss seeing you Besha...Come back and visit!

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