Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So, who's bringing the popcorn!?

(Left) I haven't had that many calicos in lately...This gorgeous girl is named Mia. She is a regular friend of the Pet B&B. As you see, she loves her tummy rubs... She's been vacationing with us for a couple of weeks and is expected to return home later this week. She's gentle, sweet and affectionate. I know her folks will be very happy to have her charming personality back in the house.

It's been an absolute slumber party on the first floor this past week.. with most of these adorable young female kitties staying through the rest of the week and beyond. In the airplane, we have very playful Maggie (black/white). That little black & white firecracker below, is little Cajsa. Both of these girls have siblings and have visited us on many previous occasions. They are black & white bundles of energy... GoGoGo...

(Left) From the highest bridge, we have Tofi (dark tabby/tortoise shell), getting ready to jump down to her good buddy Clara (dark tabby), who's watching her from the top of the Hippie Bus. On the lower bridge is Suzie Q (tortoise shell), right in the middle of the mix. Suzie Q has a couple of years on these youngsters and is often happy to sit and watch their antics. It is a first visit for Clara. Tofi's sister Maggie, is pictured above.

(Left) Yes, that's our tiny little Cajsa (black/white) again. But this time, she's partnered up with another crazy young girl, Alice. This is Alice's second visit. It's tricky to get half decent shots of all of these young girls because they are seldom 'not moving'.... which translates into many blurred shots... In the morning especially, they are all doing this kinda thing, together... everyone runs sideways at each other, in a fake attack mode while others make their little vocal notes, to let the others know that they are on their way, get ready to play!

(Left) Another adorable black & white girl. Little Peppy is usually upstairs when she visits, but I asked her mom if I could put her with all of these other young crazies for the weekend. She can be a bit shy around strangers, so I really wanted her to have this golden opportunity to get into 'girlygirl' mode... and, she had a great time and fit right in. So much fun to watch her lose her shyness each visit.

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