Monday, October 25, 2010

As Black Cat Day approaches...

(Left) Peek-a-boo.... I see you my handsome big Moustique (grey/white). I come in each morning to find my colorful pillows in new places. This big cutie is on the shy side, around strangers and will oft times dive under a pillow to avoid being seen... He's easy enough to find, while in stealth mode... cause the pillows miraculously take on a new largesse. He and his brother Vegabond are doing great.

(Left) Baklava (black) is in for her 2nd visit. This gorgeous little girl is an awesome climber and real playful with everyone. Our adorable Callie (calico) is seen in the background, on tour, climbing down from the sink.... guess she just wanted to check her hair in the mirror....'I still got it goin on!' Callie is a busy one too.

(Left) Stella (dark tabby) is back again. We haven't seen her since last year I believe. Tad (black) is visiting for the first time. Stella can look reserved and serious sometimes, until you approach her... then, it's full steam ahead and feet in the air... Tad is a big charmer. He isn't fazed by anyone or anything. I was told that he'd be kinda shy... I've yet to see that. He's social and friendly all of the time.

(Left) Vegabond (white/dark tabby) had to lean in, for a closer look at Maggie (dark tabby). Vegabond is brother to Moustique, above. Maggie is visiting for the first time with her brother Timmy. We'll see him tomorrow. All kitties have integrated quickly and are now in full play/curiosity mode. Lots more comin' this week. We'll keep the party going!

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