Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday October 26th, and all is well.

(Left) My boy Django (orange tabby) is seen lounging in one of his favorite treehouses. My big orange jelly bean here, loves to roll around on his sides and back... while he flashes his 'What? Cute! Me?! Moi?' smile at you. Always good to see my little charmer again.

(Left) Twyla (dark tabby/white) is much the same. She's not an 'in your face' kinda girl, but she knows how to 'work it', just the same. She is looking forward to seeing her folks again in the coming week. Twyla Wyla.... You too cute!

(Left) HiHi Timmy (dark tabby). I see you've discovered the airplane! This handsome, shy little boy is soo gentle and calm. He is the brother of Maggie. These 2, so far, have opposite personalities. Maggie is a complete extrovert... Timmy is a thinker... Both are adorable.

(Left) Monk (black), you love to make me nervous with all of your high-wire antics.... You hold on now! That's Kenji (siamese) farther in, on top of the airplane. These 2 brothers had so much fun over the past weekend. Both are awesome climbers and love to take full advantage of the fact that they never get asked to 'get down' from anything at the B&B. It's all for them. Yes, even the kitchen sink!

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