Friday, October 15, 2010

Don't Forget our Special Holiday Hours Next Week Folks!

Please keep in mind my Special Holiday Hours: I will only be open my morning office hours ( 9 - 11 am) during the week of October 18th and will resume normal office hours on Monday October 25th, 2010.

(Left) As Portia (grey) entered the front door of the bus, I snapped her making her way to the back seat... Portia's seat. She is often found snoozin' there. Oddly enough, she usually exits the bus via one of the open windows... This little cutie is back for another short visit. It's always good to see her again. She's doing great.

(Left) Adorable siblings Mini Pearl (Persian) and Gizmo (cornish Rex) just went home this week. They had fun climbing about. Pearl loves to be up as high as she can get, while little hairless Gizmo, was often passed out on the window benches, soaking up the sun shine. We will see them again shortly.

(Left) Little Twyla (dark tabby/white) just arrived yesterday for another extended visit. This little cutie can be quite a tiger when she first arrives, but, before you know it, she will batt her big doe eyes at you... then, you'll know you're in! She's a quiet little girl and loves to sleep on her ferris wheel, in front of the big sunny windows.

(Left) Chloe (dark tabby/white) just went home this week as well. This dark tabby, like baby Alice and Twyla, turn into little cuddle sucks, once they have settled in.. actually, this is Alice's normal state, when she arrives.

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