Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Board Games! As if! Way too boring!

(Left) There's a big boy with an even bigger personality. Carl (Siamese) and his sister Cleo just returned home this week. As his mom said to me, when she picked him up the first time... Carl is ALOT! Enough said! Anyone that has stopped in during his visits can attest to that. I had trouble figuring out why he has such an excess amount of energy, at all times.... My conclusion is that: Carl Loves Life! It's as simple as that.

(Left) More exuberance.... Tofi (dark tabby) on the top bridge gets ready to welcome Cajsa (black/white) for more playtime, at the top.... That's our adorable Clara (dark tabby) again, watching them, before she joins right in herself. People really wouldn't believe how crazy this many young playful girls can be... just imagine a lot of giggling, impersonating, teasing and showing off for one another.... If they were a bunch of teenagers, the neighbours would be calling the police to complain about the noise level!

(Left) I wrote Maza's (dark tabby/white) mom back yesterday to tell her that Maza is indeed much calmer and relaxed, than I remembered her to be. She's showing great patience with all of these silly little girls running around her ankles all the time. But, the real test will come next week, when I try to get Maza into her cat carrier... I am feeling less & less worried about the prospect. She's doing great.

(Left) If you want to find Ople (white), oft times you have to climb waaay up, to find her... She will be hanging out with her feline friends for a while yet. That's her new friend Clara (dark tabby), who's climbed up to visit with her... and, to get a better view of BigBird1. It's a bit dark up there.. you may need to click on the pic to enlarge it.. Clara is there, being goofy on the bridge..

(Left) Not to be outdone by all these kitteny kids... Suzie Q (tortoise shell) shows you her playful charm with her eyes... or, should I say... One eye! She's a real character and a lot of fun. It's a good thing that we have more boys coming in for the weekend.. or poor Olaf (brother of Cajsa) will be wondering if he can survive another weekend alone with all of these girls... 'No. I don't want curlers in my hair. Really! .... and, go paint your own toes.... !

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