Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ottawa Cats on Vacation!

(Left) Zapota (orange tabby) has an abundance of playful energy that can sustain him for the whole day. This handsome young boy is adjusting very well to the new bundle of joy, at home. It was a big adjustment at first, but sounds like he's taking it all in stride now. Just think Zappie, another little Being that can keep up with you!

(Left) When I opened the kitchen cupboards to say Hi to Dusty (grey/white tabby), Slip (orange/white tabby) decided to join me, in welcoming our shy little boy back. Dusty is only visiting for a short while this time... we look forward to seeing him again. Slip will be gracing my counters (this is his normal pose) for a bit longer still. Everyone is enjoying the sun beams today.

(Left) Melodie (tortoise shell) is joined by Zapota and all of her new buddies for another fun filled holiday. That's our gorgeous girl Callie (calico) in the background. Callie just went home this afternoon. She had a good time, as usual. We'll see her back again real soon. Baby Melodie is staying on for a few more days. She loves to playchase every other cat until they give in, and surrender to her exuberant nature.

(Left) As I mentioned above, this is Slip's (orange tabby) normal state/pose. He's a gentle, affectionate big marshmallow boy. He's very good with the other cats and loves to be surrounded by company, human or feline. He doesn't discriminate. A buddy is a buddy is a buddy!

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