Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cute, Cuter, Cutest....

(Left) Mallykins (dark tabby) joined us for Thanksgiving this year. This gorgeous little girl is generally active, playful, independant and very alert to what's going on throughout the day. Mally isn't much of a talker while she's here, but that all changes drastically when she hear's her mom's voice.

(Left) This adorable little old girl is Minouche (black). She's coming up on 19 years of age. She went home earlier this week. We'll see her again for an extended stay, in a few weeks time. She sure loves her fishies! See you soon, my little Minouchka.

(Left) KouKou (dark tabby/white) and his sister Bella went home yesterday. This little charmer is calmer and quieter than I remembered him to be, when he visited last fall. Maybe it's because of his new sister. Perhaps she's burning some of his energy down.

(Left) So many crazy kitties to entertain me and everyone else that stopped in, this past week. That's our handsome Newbie Willie (orange/white tabby), making the rounds. In the middle of the floor is JoJo (black/white, medium haired). She was always a part of the action, this visit. The little black & white girl is Cajsa again. Yes, that's our girl Alice (dark tabby/white) lying in the sun beam... They would spend large segments of their days shooting pipe cleaners and mice underneath the door, to me, or to the other people that visited and would wait for them to be returned.

(Left) Three guesses... going once, twice.... Bingo! That's right. It is Alice again. Kinda hard to tell when they're inverted upside down like this... This gorgeous little girl is scheduled to return home later this week. Just thought I'd warn the two little pups that will be waiting for her.... She's been training! Y'all better get your rest. She's in top form now!

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