Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Watching pretty leaves fall....

(Left) My, oh my.... what long fingernails you have, Jasper (black). This handsome boy had a fun filled weekend with Tucker, Mini Pearl and Gizmo... The nails came in handy for all of that climbing and descending..... It has been a very busy day here. Jasper and Tucker both go home today.

(Left) Antone (dark tabby/white) has visited us many times over the years. He does love his phone booths. From his windows, just like this, he can watch BigBird1 without even having to get up... He's had Maza sharing the phone booth with him this stay. She usually occupies the top two levels and Antone sets up shop, in the lower 2 levels. Antone left earlier this afternoon.

(Left) Cajsa (black/white) is not one to sit still. Off she goes again, climbing up to the higher bunk beds. Handsome Willie (orange/white tabby) is visiting for the first time. He wasn't the least bit bothered by all of the girlie energy that filled the place this weekend. He's a gentle, social, laid back big boy. He did great.

(Left) My handsome big friend Pillule (black) is vacationing with us while his mom is away soaking up some rays. It's not that common to find Pillule hanging out in the airplane like this. He's been up here a lot this visit. I haven't managed to snap a shot of him in his classic pose, with front arms extended forward and crossed.. He's done it, I just didn't have the camera handy. He's too cute!

(Left) This gorgeous little girl is Bella (grey/white tabby). She visited for the first time with her brother KouKou. He's been in before and this is his new sister. Bella is goofy and playful... this is one of her standard poses when you stop and play with her. She's an awesome little climber and loves her belly rubs.

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