Thursday, October 14, 2010

I say. Who wants to play!?

(Left) What is it with kitties and warm laundered blankets...It didn't take my gorgeous girl Callie (calico) long to hone in on the pile of fresh laundry before I had a chance to place it. This little Miss will be spending a couple of weeks with us this visit. She only arrived yesterday but we originally met her this past spring. She and Peppy are going to have a grand time together.

(Left) Yes, this would be Peppy (black/white). She's a playful, social little bundle of energy. She was just here 2 weeks ago. I have to smile each time I see her. It's unbelievable how she's gotten so comfortable and confident around the other cats and in her new environments. Well done Peppy!

(Left) This handsome little boy is named Rocky (grey/white tabby). He went home earlier this week after his first visit at the B&B. He loves attention.. and isn't shy to stretch his front paws up your legs to make sure that you get the idea... He's very sweet and gentle. He did great, especially with all of the young crazy girls that I had in at that time.

(Left) This is Alice's (white/dark tabby) 'Serious' pose. 'Well, are you gonna take the darn pic or not.... I gotta go play some more! Come on now. ChopChop!!' This too funny, little girl just went home this afternoon. MamanMia, did she have fun! Until next time, my little AliWalli.

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