Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nope. No Live Turkeys. No Dogs! Not even for Thanksgiving!

(Left) Sammy (dark tabby) was in last week for a visit. He can be a bit shy with strangers and a bit hissy his first day in, but then he warms up and enjoys watching all of the other cats. He's definitely mommy's boy, this one. He's a cutie.

(Left) This handsome orange tabby is Django. My regular readers will recognize his little furry face. He went home earlier this week and we'll see him again a couple more times before the year is out. He did great as usual.

(Left) This gorgeous girl is JoJo (black/white). It's her second visit to the B&B and she integrated much quicker this time. She is still a bit hissy with the other cats so far, but she only arrived yesterday. Even her first day, she was wandering around everywhere and coming to me to say Hi . I think it will be great for her to get a chance to hang out with so many other crazy young girls. She's very playful herself, so I know she will be playing with her piers before long.

(Left) Yes, that's our little cutie Gizmo (cornish Rex), spotted here with his adorable new 'big' sister Mini Pearl (Persian). I was telling their mom yesterday that since Pearl can't follow her around now, she's been following the other cats, when she sees one get up and go for a stroll. She is especially curious about Dimitri, below. Mini Pearl is visiting for the first time. Baby Gizmo has been in many times already.

(Left) Speaking of our handsome Dimitri (orange tabby), he is expected to return home tomorrow. That's ok Pearl, cause Tucker's comin' in... This orange cutie has been visiting me for many years and is getting close to 20 years of age. He's still got a nice healthy appetite, although his sense of smell is diminishing, so sometimes I need to keep his wet food quite close to where he is, so that he can smell that it's there.

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