Friday, October 8, 2010

Don't be a turkey, kitty!

(Left) Mirette (calico) and all of the other kitties on the first floor are getting an 'ear work-out' with all of the youngsters running around. Sometimes it's just easier to turn your ears towards all of the commotion rather than actually getting up or popping your head up to take a peak. This gorgeous big girl is doing great as always.

(Left) There's my little TuckieWuckie (Persian) again. This laid back little cutie just arrived yesterday and has big plans ahead for his weekend. Jasper, his old friend, just arrived this afternoon too. Tucker has already reunited with his little pal Gizmo and Gizmo's new sister, Mini Pearl. Lots more friends to come this afternoon. They had best start to pace themselves.

(Left) Ok, little miss Twinkle Toes... aka Alice (white/dark tabby). What! What did I do? I always give myself a manicure like this. It's a great way to stretch my abs...! Yes mom. Your little Wonder knows how to hamm it up for the cam! As expected, Alice and Cajsa are having a great time playing with JoJo already.

(Left) Tofi (dark tabby) and her sister Maggie just returned home earlier this week. This adorable girl loves to watch BigBird1 from the floor, the bunk beds.... and, when she really wants a close look, you can often spot her sitting on top of his bird house, sneaking a peek at him through the slats on the roof. No doubt, she will be catching up her rest now.

(Left) This gorgeous little Miss is Chloe (white/dark tabby). She has staked out her favorite top bunk bed already. She, like all the rest of the kitties, has a lot of visual stimulation to keep them occupied and entertained this weekend. Chloe has visited a few times in the past. She sends out a big Hello to her mom out west.

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