Wednesday, October 27, 2010

As we ramp up for our Halloween Party...

(Left) Little miss Chloe (grey/white tabby) arrived yesterday. This goregous girl has visited many times over the past few years. She has an active mind and even more active hands. Each time that she pops in, she inevitably has to check underneath my heat vents, by popping them off, out of the floor... She's not looking for spare change.... spare mousies perhaps?! She's a character.

(Left) Vegabond (dark tabby/white) and his brother left yesterday. This charmer loves being around BigBird2. He's laid back and cool. I think he enjoyed hangin out with his furry friends once again.

(Left) This pic, about sums it up... Maggie (dark tabby) has a versatile, open minded view of the world...If she doesn't strike you as being uptight... you're absolutely on the money. I was telling her mom that she is 'part puppy'... and will follow you or the action, anywhere.

(Left) Little miss Sunshine, Stella (dark tabby) is a bright and sunny personality.... she loves attention and her neck scratches... You only need to call her name or make eye contact with her... she can take a hint.... Well, OK! If you're sure you have time! Little cutie!

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