Sunday, October 10, 2010

Freya & Malkin looking for their Forever Home

Freya – Brown Tabby – Female
Malkin – Brown Tabby - Male

Freya and her brother Malkin were first spotted on a cool grey misty day in August pressed up against an outside basement wall. Malkin was apparently using his body to protect his smaller sister Freya from the dampness. They were likely born under a neighbourhood patio sometime in the middle of June 2010. Frightened and hungry they had become separated from their mother so the prospects for their future were dismal. Fortunately, rescuers interceded, capturing Freya first and Malkin a day later.
Freya a beautiful brown tabby was severely malnourished, painfully frail, fearful and suffering from diarrhea and may not have survived long outside. But this little girl has gone from a frail, gaunt little figure to a happy healthy kitty. Purring quietly in your lap, her eyes have taken on a brightness that speaks boldly of her curiosity towards her surroundings and her desire for attention and affection. She has blossomed into a sweet, lovable little girl.

Malkin a handsome brown tabby with reddish highlights. was happy to be re-uniting with his sister, caught the day before. From the outset they huddled together closely, apprehensive of their new surroundings, Malkin always inserting himself between his sister and their rescuers. Malkin is a sweet, friendly little character who purrs readily to the touch. His curiosity and sense of play grows by the day.

Malkin and Freya must be adopted together. Malkin’s affection and protectiveness towards his sister and her tight bond to her brother, makes separating them unthinkable. Their first few tenuous weeks of life were spent together and had chance dealt them a bitter blow they may have perished together. They deserve a chance to live their lives held together by a special bond of birth and survival.

Malkin and Freya are litter trained and up to date with shots. They will be spayed and neutered shortly.NOTE: Because a young kitten needs feline companionship, it is the policy of Cat Rescue Network that kittens 6 months or younger be adopted out in pairs unless there is another kitten or young cat already in the home. For more information about Freya and Malkin and to see all the other lovelies that need forever homes, please visit the CRN website at or send an email to

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