Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bow & Diablo Spar. Too much Easter candy???

These next few pictures were taken earlier this week.... In our wrestling ring... from left, we have Diablo (grey Abysinian).. on the right side of the ring we have Bow (orange tabby)....
(Left) As you can see, it started fairly innocently.... A typical 'Hi. How are you doing?'

(Left) Which progressed into 'Are you calling me lazy????'.... 'cause that sounded like you called me lazy!'

(Left) Which evolved into 'I'm more playful than you are!!.... No. I am!'

(Left) Which turned into ' Let's see who can continue on the longest!'

(Left) Then... 'Wow, I'm starting to get a bit tired! .. 'Are you getting tired?'

(Left) When finally the bell rang... That's it for this round! The refs called it a tie and the 2 boys went into cool down.... 'Meet you after we get cleaned up... We can go for a salmon smoothie with the boys...!'

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