Monday, April 27, 2009

Four girls.... and a Gunther!!

(Left) Petrie (dark tabby) gives a listen to some music in the background... She's always got time for a belly rub though... Just you stop and say Hi to her for more than 3 seconds and she will take full advantage of the situation... Here's a girl that definitely knows what she wants!

(Left) The two sisters Clara (black/white) and Alice (solid black), in the window, go home today... It's nice to see Alice out and about. Both girls are looking forward to spending some time this afternoon in their sunny backyard with Dad...

(Left) Beaker (black/white) has been holding down the 'rocket' fort.... It was her favorite hang out this past weekend... I'm guessing that she'll be twisting, in and out of between our feet, by sometime this afternoon... She can be quite an attention get-ter...

(Left) Gunther (dark tabby) has the spaceship all to himself this morning... He'll probably pop over and visit his brother Moe for a while later on.... Both boys are quite the chatty-bugs.... They always have lots to say....Big cuties!

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